I have published two poetry pamphlets.  'BORK! came out in May 2013 (HappenStance Press), one of the poems winning second prize in the Flamingofeather Poetry Competition, another was poem of the week in the Scotsman.  My first pamphlet 'Dance of the Sheet', was published by Odyssey Press in 1994.

I have also had poems published in literary magazines and in anthologies from Candlestick Press, Happenstance Press, Virago New Poets and the Exeter Book of Riddles.  I was a winner in the Guernsey International Poetry on the Buses competition.

I received a Hawthornden Fellowship for my poetry and have given readings at Ways With Words (Dartington), Exeter, Norwich, London, Zurich and various other venues.

Reviews of BORK!

Slowly the collection starts to build on the observed chickens and head off into a treatment on chickens and their relationship to humans, both in abstract and personal... which calls up the poetry of Elizabeth Bishop.' (Andy Mcdonnell, Lighthouse

'In the complex, disordered, near-collapse of the human world that presses in from the edges, Gittins gives us a surprisingly comforting and intelligent counterweight.' (D.A. Prince, Sphinx)

If you do not buy, borrow or steal a copy of this pamphlet you will never know why the wildly-exaggerated and totally convincing claims made in the last poem, 'Chicken Sutra', completed the utter conversion of a formerly-committed chicken-sceptic.(Ross Kightly, Sphinx)

Maisie has returned from the wilderness
of broodiness
abandoned her virtual nest, her eyes
no longer wild,
her chest no more on fire.

She shakes her gawky frame,
preens her messy feathers, looks
around in shocked surprise

as when a passion - soul-consuming,
mind-regressing, heart-obsessing -
and drifts away, leaving
feet and flesh earthbound in the everyday.