Born in the USA, I came to the UK when I was 14, where I attended Dartington Hall School and the University of Essex. I also studied at the University of Paris and Bath Spa University.

I have had a variety of jobs, from cleaner to palmist, but mostly worked in higher education for many years and held academic posts at the University of Essex, Plymouth University, Colgate University and the Open University.

I've moved house 65 times, lived in six different countries, had (at an estimate) 40 cats, been married three times (third time lucky), published six books, attended 16 different schools (most of which I actually refused to attend), have one daughter, one stepdaughter, two grandchildren and a good flock of friends. Currently I live with my partner, Jonathan Waley, and our cat, Sebastian. I love early mornings, Bach and playing the piano (very badly, but what the hell).


Diana Gittins writer and poet